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What are Legal Nurse Consulting Services?

 Providing claims review for insurance companies.  Providing external chart review for hospitals and clinics.  Providing non-legal advice and services directly to patients and clients.  Providing comprehensive medicolegal record review for plaintiff or defendant attorneys.  Providing case review, summary, and help in general for prosecuting or defense attorneys. Obtaining, organizing, summarizing, and interpreting complex medical records.


Our Focus We provide corporate and NJ commercial legal advice and guidance to owner-operated businesses, private corporations, partnerships, joint ventures and not-for-profit organizations operating in a wide variety of sectors and industries.  Our clients range from small sole proprietorships to large multi-national corporations. Our approach is current, and our expertise is deep. As a full-service firm,

Woman awarded $2.5 million in medical malpractice case

We wrote in this space a few days ago about a new error reporting system that helps make hospitals safer; a goal that Newburgh residents can agree is a good one. Unfortunately, there are still cases of medical malpractice and workers compensation in which a negligent hospital doctor causes irreparable harm to an innocent, unsuspecting patient. Just

License restrictions reduce fatalities for younger teen drivers

Laws adopted by states which restrict the driving privileges of teenage motorists appear to reduce fatal accidents among 16-year-old drivers. For some reason, these laws do not have the same impact on fatal car crashes in which 18-year-old drivers are behind the wheel. Such laws do not necessarily reduce catastrophic injuries for the older age group. Preventing

Camden County woman facing charges for fatal hit-and-run

If there’s anything worse than causing an accident, it’s fleeing the scene and trying to cover up the crime. The driver of a vehicle involved in the wrongful death of a 25-year-old pedestrian near Ranoldo Terrace was charged in Superior Court on Sept. 19 with knowingly leaving the scene of a deadly accident. According to witnesses, the

Paralyzed veterans see the benefit of scuba diving

A research study of veterans suffering from paralysis due to catastrophic injuries to their spinal cords shows that they benefited both psychologically and physically from their participation in a scuba diving class. The study of participants in the short course found that the vets experienced improvement in the movement of their muscles, as well as more feeling

Exploding Coffee Maker Injures Couple

A holiday gift between a man and his wife in December, 2010, turned into a nightmare for the entire family just three days later. The gift was a $100 coffee maker. On Dec. 28, a young Midwestern girl went into the family’s kitchen, while her grandmother was using the coffee machine to make some morning

New Jersey Turnpike Surge of Accidents

The recent surge of inclement weather proved to be deadly on New Jersey’s roads. The recent snowstorm is being linked to at least three deaths in traffic accidents. One fatalcar accident victim was involved in a rear-end collision on the New Jersey Turnpike. However, he did not suffer the fatal injuries from the initial collision.