If there’s anything worse than causing an accident, it’s fleeing the scene and trying to cover up the crime.

The driver of a vehicle involved in the wrongful death of a 25-year-old pedestrian near Ranoldo Terrace was charged in Superior Court on Sept. 19 with knowingly leaving the scene of a deadly accident.

According to witnesses, the victim was attempting to cross Route 70 after her lunch break when the driver attempted to pass several stopped vehicles by illegally using the shoulder. The cars had stopped to allow the victim and her boyfriend to cross the street.

The driver allegedly arrived at her sister’s house, blaming the broken headlamp on a “fender bender” and requesting that she be allowed to store the vehicle in her sister’s closed garage, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

The driver also allegedly attempted to alter the appearance of the vehicle by placing a large pink decal in the rear window. Several days after the accident, police received a tip about the vehicle and were able to locate where it was parked. The driver was arrested shortly thereafter.

This incident is only the most recent in an apparent string of traffic violations and accidents on the driver’s traffic record. Earlier this year, she was also convicted of theft and sentenced to three years of probation.

The woman is being held at Camden County Jail with bail set at $160,000. Should she post bail, she will also be required to surrender her license until the case is decided, according to reports. Instead of fleeing the scene, this woman should have contacted a Queens car accident lawyer.

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