Exploding Coffee Maker Injures Couple

A holiday gift between a man and his wife in December, 2010, turned into a nightmare for the entire family just three days later. The gift was a $100 coffee maker. On Dec. 28, a young Midwestern girl went into the family’s kitchen, while her grandmother was using the coffee machine to make some morning brew. The machine made a strange noise, and then exploded, spewing hot liquid and hot coffee grounds across the room.
The hot substances from the defective product landed on the young girl’s face, hands and neck, inflicting second degree burns. Her mother was just pulling into the driveway when the Tassimo coffee maker exploded. She could hear her daughter screaming in pain. Since that time, the young girl has undergone skin grafts, experienced nightmares and suffered pain from the accident. She still has health issues related to the coffee maker accident.
She apparently is not alone as the Consumer Product Safety commission and Kraft foods have announced a recall of 1.7 million of the Tassimo and Bosch single cup brewers and millions of espresso discs associated with the defective product due to the risk of serious burn injuries. The recall also extends into Canada.
The CPSC has reportedly fielded 140 reports of issues related to the exploding machines. The discs apparently can become clogged, forcing the dangerous product to explode, spewing hot material across the room. As many as 37 people have suffered second degree burns from the defective product. News reports do not indicate whether any product liability lawsuits have been filed concerning the defective appliances.
The CPSC says the machines are emblazoned with the names “Bosch” or “Tassimo” on the front of the units. The plastic “T Disc” associated with machines are also subject to recall, according to the CPSC. The safety agency warns owners of the units to immediately stop using the machines and to contact the manufacturer and file a personal injury lawsuit in Beverly Hills, CA.

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