Two women killed in tragic single car accident

For most people, the thought of a serious car accident probably conjures up images of two or more vehicles colliding violently on a road or in an intersection. While this is certainly true in many situations, it is important to remember that single car accidents – whether caused by driver error, mechanical failure or even faulty road design – can prove to be equally devastating.

Unfortunately, Northeast Philadelphia was the scene of just such an accident earlier this week when two women were killed after their car careened off the road.

According to reports from the Philadelphia Police Department, the two women, ages 71 and 81, were traveling in a 2006 Lincoln Town Car on the 8500 block of Krewstown Road near Algon Avenue on Monday afternoon when the car crash occurred.

The 81-year-old driver appears to have lost control of the Town Car, driving directly through the guardrail and 100 feet down a steep embankment.

Unfortunately, when the Town Car reached a body of water at the bottom of the embankment, it flipped over onto its roof, killing the driver and leaving her passenger with serious injuries.

Witnesses to the auto wreck, including two men who were traveling directly behind the Town Car, hurried down the slope in an attempt to help the two victims.

“Our adrenaline kicked in, we pushed the car up, we opened the door and we pulled the lady out,” said one witness. “She still had her seat belt on and was unconscious.”

Tragically, the 71-year old passenger died at Torresdale Hospital the next day.

While police have all but ruled out speed as the cause of the car accident, they were still conducting a comprehensive investigation.

“This could possibly be driver error or maybe a mechanical failure of the vehicle and we’re going to determine that in the next couple days,” said one inspector. If you are involved in a situation like this, don’t hesitate speaking with an experienced Salem car accident attorney.

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