What are Legal Nurse Consulting Services?

 Providing claims review for insurance companies.
 Providing external chart review for hospitals and clinics.
 Providing non-legal advice and services directly to patients and clients.
 Providing comprehensive medicolegal record review for plaintiff or defendant attorneys.
 Providing case review, summary, and help in general for prosecuting or defense attorneys.
Obtaining, organizing, summarizing, and interpreting complex medical records.
Identifying adherence or deviations from applicable standards of care.
Screening potential medical or nursing malpractice, personal injury, and similar cases for merit.
Interviewing plaintiffs, defendants, health care professionals, and others in fact finding.
Identifying causative or contributing factors for damages, injuries, wrongful death, etc.
Providing detailed written reports with summaries in preparation for trial or settlement.
Identifying discrepancies and/or inconsistencies in testimony, depositions, medical billing, etc.
Reviewing pertinent hospital or clinic policies and procedures.
Conducting medical literature searches regarding appropriate treatment and alternatives.
Providing chronologies, summaries, illustrations, and graphs to simplify complex data.

These services are offered via phone, mail, fax, and/or email only.  No in-house law firm, travel, or courtroom work will be accepted, with limited exceptions.  We consult on cases including, but not limited to, medical and nursing malpractice, personal injury, products liability, toxic torts, workers’ compensation, ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) cases, workplace injury, criminal cases, insurance fraud, managed care cases, Medicare fraud and any case where health, illness or injury is a factor. We provide services to attorneys, both plaintiff and defense, specializing in the above cases, to other LNCs, and also to insurance attorneys and companies.

Legal nurse consulting LA is an essential part of a lawyer’s process in gauging the case and determining the most important pieces in the puzzle. Don’t hesitate to contact a legal nurse consultant.


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